How to Ping League of Legends?

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League of legends, one of the most popular games of the time, and most of the people are crazy about it. It is a strategy based game that includes two teams with five champions each. It helps to provide various proper options to the teams to select their best champions out of 140 champions. Before moving further, first, you need to know about what the ping exactly is? When a player uses the term ping, they mean it as Latency. Latency is the calculation of time, which it takes by the data to travel from your computer to the server and then comes back to your computer.

Players usually use this word for describing the time takes by the data in the short term or a word. When someone sends any data or stories to another person via computers in a game, then it is basically known as ping. If you want to ping League of Legends, then you need to learn the various aspects of this game. This game contains so many different factors and features which you need to know and make use of them while playing.

Ping League of Legends

If you want to know those methods, then you should consider this article. It will help you out to get the necessary knowledge about the ping and other factors also.

Method 1:

Ping the Server Directly

  • It is one of the easiest ways to check the ping for league of legends. It helps to ping the server of the game directly.
  • You can easily ping this game’s server as it helps you to do it by Riot games as it publishes the IP address for some of their games.
  • If you want to ping the server of this game, then you need to open the command and select the run option and type cmd.exe. It will help you to open the command where you can check the sever of this game or others which you want to check.
  • There are so many commands available in this game that help you to perform various steps in it and also helps to have a safe side.

Method 2:

Check-in Game

  • Most of the games have various options but also have the option of checking the ping of your own game by selecting a single option in the settings.
  • The appearance of the settings is different in different games, but the options are the same, so there will not be any problem at the time of ping.
  • The names of the settings are different, like “display network information” or “display performance stats.”
  • Ping option is the best for the league of legends game to share various items and things within the game.
  • It helps players to share various data and notices the time taken in the traveling of data.

Final Verdict

According to the points mentioned above, you can check the ping of League of Legends, which can help you to know the various things. Ping plays a major role in each and every game as it helps to understand multiple aspects of the game.

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