How to Play Call of Duty 4 PC with Controller?

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Call of Duty is a first-person shooter based game, which is a kind of modern warfare which helps the players experience various wars. It can be played on consoles as well as on computers as it is mainly released for these platforms. Earlier players prefer to play first-person shooter games on their respected computer with a keyboard and a mouse, but now they can also play it on consoles.

As per the Activision, Customer Service Call of Duty has no support for the various controllers. But if it is played with the right software, it is possible to play with a controller. It can work by configuring the controllers externally in order to deal with the keyboard and the mouse.  There are some players who don’t know how to play call of duty 4 with a controller, which makes the players lack some crucial knowledge.

Play Call of Duty 4 PC with Controller

If you are interested in learning about the various aspects related to your mentioned query, you can consider the information below. Here you can know the answer to your query and able to perform your task well.

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Call of Duty 4 is modern warfare, which helps the players to experience a first-person shooter play. For playing this game with a controller on your devices, you need to follow the below steps-

  • First, you have to locate the Pinnacle Game Profiler website and opt for its download in your respected devices. This software will help you to stimulate the mouse and the keyboard for using a controller. The “Pinnacle Game Player” helps you have a free trial of 30 days, which is enough time for playing the game and even competing. 
  • Then you have to download the software and plug in the controller to your device. After then, you have to run the software and configure the controller buttons as per your liking. If you opt for a ready-made profile that is already preset for the game, you can download it from the profiler site. 
  • After that, you have to click on the download link for the call of duty four profiles, and then you have to type a username and password to register yourself. The registering process is free and optional, so it’s your choice whether you want to register.
  • When you are done with all the necessary requirements by the software, then you can start playing the game with the Pinnacle Game Profiler. You can play till the free trial is active, and you can use your controller for playing.


Call of Duty 4 is one of the favorite games of all the players of the time, and players love to play it via controllers. If you are curious about how to play it with the above steps are the best if you consider them attentively. The above points are the most beneficial in solving out your queries related to the controllers for playing the Call of Duty 4.  

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