How to Play Dota 2 Auto Chess?

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When the Dota 2 Auto Client has first released, then it has picked some various serious streams. The stream has no chance of going down and becomes the most famous game of Dota 2. The auto chess stream of Dota 2 has gained a huge amount of popularity and love as it becomes the favorite of most of the players. This game has a unique style as it is not properly like chess and not like Dota, which makes it more attractive.

Dota 2 has various unique features and versions which help players to have experience in various games under one particular place. It’s vital for the players to know about multiple new aspects of the game so that they can experience them.  Only when a player starts playing this game will he be able to understand how addictive this game is. The people who don’t like chess even they also love to play this version of chess and find it more exciting.

Play Dota 2 Auto Chess

Here is some related information that will help you to understand the playing strategy of Auto chess of Dota 2. It can also help you to know about various other new aspects of the game.

Gameplay Tutorial

  • Auto chess is a competitive eight-player mode game that is now available to get download as a custom game mode in Dota 2. Unlike the traditional Dota game, now the chess game takes eight players on a chessboard as eight squares by eight squares. But in Dota 2, you will able to play chess by considering various heroes for each player.
  • The auto chess gameplay takes a lot of rounds with various boards that are available in the overall game space. The other players occupy the other board of the game, which is considered the PVP element of the Dota Auto Chess.
  • The first three and the specific rounds of the game take place against the AI bosses or the creeps present on the board. It helps you to build up various resources such as gold and various other items and helps to develop your strategy before batting with other players. It is essential for you to monitor all your opponents’ strategies so that you can deal with them easily. You need to keep noticing on your opponent’s strategies and move around each board before your next turn comes.
  • If you are the one who starts the match, then you have to purchase and position the starting hero on your side on the board. You have to choose a hero from the random pool and tend to initiate the game. Finally, you can hit the button on the left corner of the screen to lock the hero for later play.


The above points can help you to understand how to play Dota 2 Auto Chess and make benefits from it.  It will also help you to know about various new aspects that you don’t know before. You should be careful while considering the points so that you will understand all of them well.

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