How to Play Escape from Tarkov Customs Map?

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Customs Map is a story location added to Escape from Tarkov at second position after factory location. It helps the players to know about multiple stories related quests, which makes them complete their missions. It takes up to 40 minutes to complete the quests as per the location of custom. The maps associated with this map are interchange and factory, which helps you to have some knowledge about Customs Map. Here up to 7 to 12, players can participate at once, and the main enemies of this map or location are Reshala and Scavs.

Play Escape from Tarkov Customs Map

When a player opts for Custom Maps, they should prefer to have all the related knowledge about custom areas. It includes a large area of industrial parkland which is situated adjacent to the factory. Every player should opt for getting all the game-related knowledge so that they won’t face any problem related to it. It can help the players to deal with all the situations, whether it is wrong or good. Usually, players prefer to have those maps easy or a bit hard, which helps make the game interesting and entertaining.

If you want to know more about Customs Map, then you can consider the below information. It will help you to know about more new and more beneficial aspects of the game.

Related Info

  • Customs Map is one of those maps which are related to custom related areas. It helps the players to have those experiences which make them feel comfortable and adventurous. The map includes a large area of industrial parkland which is adjacent to the factory location. It helps the players to find the area comfortably and accurately. The area houses the custom terminal, offices, fuel storage facilities, dorms, and also the other various varieties of infrastructure buildings.
  • The dorms on the map are the two buildings located in the northernmost area of the map. The Easter building is two stories tall, and the western one is three stories tall. Both the buildings have front entrance and a fire escape to each end and also having doorways to each floor. These dorms are the area for many quests and also unlocked rooms. It helps the players to have some help at the time of completing their quests and making the areas more clear and straight.
  • The map includes various aspects and elements that help the players have all those multiple things they require at the time of completing their quests. Custom areas are more related to the quests as compared to other locations, and it is one of the second more added locations to the game.

Wrap It Up

With the help of the above information, you can understand the Customs Map and learn how to handle them in Escape from Tarkov. It will help you to learn those aspects which you don’t know before and makes you handle new situations. You might know about custom areas, so try to grab the above information and take advantage of it properly.

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