How to Play Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map?

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Escape from Tarkov includes so many maps, and one from them is Shoreline Map, which helps the players to have help in completing quests near the shoreline. This map helps the players to have huge PvP opportunities and other high-level loots. The map includes both the areas that are open terrain and enclosed areas. The health resorts are located in the north direction, and other villages and estates are located in the west. It helps the players to find the exact location easily with proper safety and equipment.

Play Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map

Shoreline Maps are considered one of the best, and if not, then it is provided with PvP opportunities. There are multiple loots available at the top of the map, which helps the players know about loot places. It’s a must for all the players to know about the map before opting for it so that they can easily find various locations. This map is beneficial in providing players with a lot of money and loots. The resorts available on the map include hidden rooms, which helps the players have some space for hiding.

Here is some related information about Shoreline Maps, which will help you to know about it more.

Shoreline Tutorial

The shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov includes large abandoned “Azure Coast” Holiday Resort and villas surrounded by deserts. Small islands and bunkers hide the villas to a lighthouse and a pier. The map includes so many attractive and interesting locations that help to increase the demand for the map.

Here are some crucial facts about the map that you need to know.

  • When you click left on the map, then it will help you in opening the full-sized version of the map on the new window.
  • The developers are planning to introduce more additional areas on the map for your enjoyment and entertainment. Already there are so many attractive locations present on the map which will help you to have unique experiences.

Here are some of the areas where you can perform loots and other quests provided in the game.

  • Health Resort’s North Wing / Admin – It is present at the center of the shoreline map, north-east of the Village/ Estate areas, and north of Power Plant. Buildings are present in the northern part of the area.
  • Health Resort’s West Wing – It is located at the center of the shoreline map, north-east of the village/estate area, and north of the Power Plant. Buildings are present in the south-western part of the area.

Along with these two areas, many more are present on the map, and they are –

  • Health Resort’s East Wing
  • Power Plant
  • Villas/Estates
  • Gas Station
  • Loot Island/Scav Island
  • Village
  • Marina
  • Cabins/Downtown
  • Radar Tower/Weather Station

Shoreline Maps offer some of the best PvP locations, including enclosed areas not infested with snipers. The map has features open terrains, small and big buildings, woodlands, vantage points, etc. The map’s diversity makes the map more interesting and preferable.

Final Verdict

By considering the above information, you can understand how to use Shoreline Maps in Escape from Tarkov. It will allow you to use the map well by knowing about various new aspects you don’t know before. You should always keep in mind that while considering any information, you have to be attentive and careful to understand the entire concept easily.

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