How to Play Escape from Tarkov Woods Map?


Escape from Tarkov is full of multiple quests and allows players to experience new aspects. This game includes so many maps, and each map is for each quest. It is essential to have the maps for completing various missions, but every map needs to understand first. The quests make the game more complicated as all the quests are in different locations. Maps help the players deal with the hard located quests so that they won’t face any difficulty in dealing with the quests.

Most of the players don’t know much about the game even after playing it for so long. It is crucial for all the players to have knowledge about all the maps so that players won’t face any problem in completing the quests. Players should understand how to understand the map and follow that. There is a wood map that has its uniqueness and tasks to complete. You need to be smart enough so that you can easily understand the woods map.

Play Escape from Tarkov Woods Map

For better understanding, you can consider the points mentioned below so that you can easily deal with the maps. It will allow you to experience those quests which you have never experienced.

Further Details

  • Woods map is one of the older maps in Escape from Tarkov, larger but can be considered an average map if you subtract the unwanted areas from it. You can opt for canceling those areas which are filled with water and other undesirable elements. The map is barren, aside from the other some larger POIs. The terrain of the map, apart from unwanted areas, helps to define the actual gameplay. Woods map is a little bit different from other plans and can seem as confusing to the beginners. But players need to learn about the location of the routes that are the ins and outs of the map.
  • A proper piece of knowledge is beneficial in dealing with woods map. Woods map includes so many areas to cover, and players need to know about those areas. This map is useful in taking the right location by following the right paths. Moving on to the right track is very important for you if you want to complete the quest correctly without any problem.
  • The Spawn points for this map are spread around the two opposite sides of the area. You can opt for any of the sides, whether right or left of the water. Any areas will pick you towards the center or across the map opposite to the extraction points. Spawning in Escape from Tarkov is very hard to consider, but if players have proper knowledge, then they can manage to complete quests.


Woods map is found to be confusing, but if you consider the above information, then you will deal with it. It will help you know about various other aspects of the game, and the map will allow you to be ready for woods quests. You need to be careful while considering the information so that you can easily understand it.

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