How to Play Factory Escape from Tarkov?

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The factory is one of the most preferable and the oldest element in Escape from Tarkov. It is one of those locations added to the game and made players know about the elements of the game. Usually, players prefer to play those games that help them have unique features, and this game is one of them. The factory is the best and the most interesting location in which players find fun to play. It allows the players to have something new and unique for some change.

There are multiple factories in Escape from Tarkov, where players can find different and unique chemicals used for various purposes. Most of the players might know about factory location because this is the first location in this game. It helped the players to have multiple experiences when no other location is available in the game. But some players are new to this game and don’t know much about factory location.

Play Factory Escape from Tarkov

If you want to know about the factory location, you can opt to read the below information. It will help you to get the solution to your query and also allow you to know more about other aspects of it. 

Further Details

  • The factory is one of the locations in Escape from Tarkov, which is the first location that took place in this game. The factories’ industrial estates and facilities are very helpful and allow players to get multiple chemicals. The chemicals factory #16 was rented out illegally and make the players perform their multiple quests with its help. The factory is rented to the TerraGroup Company, which helps make the players earn some money in the form of rent.
  • At the time of Contract Wars, factory #16 has hotbed for a huge number of firefights between USEC and BEAR, operating the multiple controls. The firefights usually determined the control all over the entire Tarkov Industrial District. It leads to huge benefits to the company and makes the players suffer after the firefight. After some time as time passes, the factory premises were converted into the shelter for Scavs, Local Civilians. The shelter is premised along with the occasional USEC or BEAR operators.
  • One of the factory’s significant features is that it is a small, fast-paced CQC map inside the multi-story industrial factory. It is filled with tunnels and overhead walkways, which makes the players have help from the map. Plans are very helpful in making the factory location clearer, which leads to helping the players know about other elements of the game. You can find the factory location very easily if you consider the separate map for this.

Wrap It Up

With the help of the above information, you can understand the factory location of the Escape from Tarkov. It will also help you know about many other aspects of the game, in which you can opt to complete your game quests. You only need to be attentive enough that you can easily understand all the aspects.

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