How to Play Multiplayer on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare?

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When Call of Duty was released at that moment, it doesn’t have many features, and it is only available for single gameplay. It is all based on space battles, and players have to fight with various zombies alone. But now it has launched as multiplayer features, which helps the players to experience a new aspect of the game. Infinity wars have released some new pair of trailers, which includes various new features.

Most of the players are used to Call of Duty because it has invented various new features which help to attract more players to the game. It’s compulsory for all the related players to know about a new feature or element added to the game. The players who are crazy about this game, especially for them, must stay updated so that they can deal with the situation related to new features. In the future, it might bring some other new features for the betterment of the game and the player’s interests.

Play Multiplayer on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

You need to pay attention to the further tips for knowing about how to play multiplayer on Call of Duty. It will also help you to understand how to deal with the various situations and what you need to take care of while playing as a multiplayer. 

Tip 1:

Use Your Space Moves to Flank, Not Attack

When you continuously keep on using various weapons and running with your teammates can lead you to move towards danger. All the players should plan and try to use more space moves as compared to any weapon or something like that. You should use your skills to flank not to attack so that you can remain safe and keep your teammates safe.  Flanks can help you to know about your enemies and various other beaten paths.

Tip 2:

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix up Things

All team members should use various things as per their requirements without fear because their main motive is to beat zombies. If each member of the team will have his weapon and skills, then it becomes easy to beat zombies. The things that you can opt for are explosives, perks, rigs, scorestreaks, and, most importantly, your abilities. You should try to utilize these aspects properly.

Tip 3:

Save your Keys

Team playing can help the players to grab more items and benefits in Call of Duty, which makes them more powerful. The players should keep in mind that they need to save all their keys for future use as it can help them to earn various items. Keys can be used as the currency for purchasing the necessary and useful items such as weapons, guns, etc.


 All the players who want to play as a multiplayer should take care of all the tips mentioned above. It can help you to be safe while playing the game and also helps you to earn various benefits along with keys. Always try to keep the keys safely and save them for future needs.

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