How to play music in CS:GO?

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CS:GO is a shooting game that is played in a very popular platform that is twitch. A twitch helps various games and people to go live and gain some name and fame. There are so many functions present in CS:GO which should be taken care of. The most important function is to play music, and many of you don’t know how to play music in CS:GO. People who love to play this game need to learn the important aspects to have more fun while playing.

Music is a must in each and every game as it helps to make your experience better and interesting. It helps to have a very nice environment like a real one and helps you to have a 3D experience. There are so many games are available, but this CS:GO is the best one to play as it helps you to experience the fps. Fps is the first person solution, which makes you feel like you are shooting someone in reality.

play music in csgo

People who have more interest and experience in playing CS:GO, they should learn the important aspects such as how to play music, how to see fps and others. You should consider this article as it will help you to learn how to play music in CS:GO and make them broadcasted so the at others will also have a live experience.


The most important thing in CS:GO is SLAM, as it helps to play music in this game. SLAM stands for Source Live Audio Mixer; it is a program that is used to control all the music-related things in the CS:GO. This program is so brilliant as it helps to manage all the music-related functions of the CS:GO as it also allows us to play different music. 

Steps to play music –

  • The first thing is you need to do to download the actual program. For this, you need to visit the Slam Site. It’s an official site from where you can download the program, and the developers run it. You should always prefer to download from this site as it guarantees you to provide a timely new version of the game or music.
  • After installing the program from this site, you can proceed to that music that you want to get played in your game. You can organize any of your favorite songs to be played in this game.
  • You need to click twice on the SLAM icon in the program, which is opened in front of you. It helps you to open a window where you choose the music.
  • Then you need to select the music and a key which helps you to play the music in the game. And you can change the key at any time.


All the points mentioned above are the best which can help you to learn how to play music in CS:GO. People who love to play this game and want a music effect in their game then they should follow the above steps.

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