How to Play New PUBG Map?

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The new map in the PUBG is known as the Kara kin, and it is a desert-based map that helps to guide you in deserted areas. The map has various features that help to get the proper direction with exact distances in various areas. The areas which a new map includes are mountains, deserts, etc. and it is basically the smallest PUBG map. In this match, 64 players can watch the more close quarters. It is the new feature of the game, which helps the players to watch objects far close as compared to the previous map.

On top of the new map, there are so many different new Black Zones that are highlighted, which can help you to move safely. The Black Zone will help you to target the wrong players of the game and also helps you to keep a distance from them. The players need to know each and every aspect of the game. This game has so many features installed in it, which helps it to become closer to the players.

Play New PUBG Map

If you want to learn how to play a new map in this game, then you can consider this article for \r that. It will help you to know various aspects of the game and the map.

Steps to play a new map

  • First of all, you have to fight with various installation files of the game, which makes you install the new map in the game. When everything gets done and seems good, then you can move forward to use the new map. It will help you to move forward to the utilization of the game or system properly.
  • Then you have to wait for the ramping up f the cheat detections in the game, which can help you to use the new map.  But it can’t be considered a cheat because you are trying all this to use the new map. At the time when you are fighting with the various installation processes, it can cause multiple harms to your system and the game. There are no issues in the way from the time when the map system was started in this game and became very popular.
  • After messing with all the installations process of the PUBG, you can start using the new map, but it can cause some problems to your system. But there are no issues that come in the way which can damage your system or the game. You should always be careful while installing the various systems in your device so that you won’t face any problem in the future. The new map is very helpful to watch the far objects very easily and comfortably.


From the points mentioned above, you can understand how to deal with the new map in the PUBG. It will help you to play this game with the help of a new map and watch the far objects with proper clarity. You can consider the above points when you feel the need to play PUBG with the help of a new map.

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