How to Play Solo in Apex Legends?

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Most of the players are waiting for the solo mode of Apex Legends for so long, and now solo mode is officially available for this game. The players who are very curious about this feature they will be so happy after getting this mode. There are many features available in the game, but players are still waiting for this one. It helps them to have that experience, which they have never thought of for this game.

Play Solo in Apex Legends

The common question by most of the solo mode lovers is how to play solo in Apex Legends. Due to the high demand, this feature has released, but some players don’t know how to play solo. The players must understand the solo mode properly so that they can deal with enemies alone. Solo mode leads players to play alone without a proper team and makes them feel alone. But there is good news for you that when you feel bored or something like that you can switch to the regular mode.

You can consider the below points for a better understanding of the solo mode and to make it happen to have a better experience.

Solo Mode Tutorial

  • When you start playing the game for having experience in solo mode, you first need to download the latest version of the game. It will help you to have the new feature in the game by updating it.
  • With the help of this update, you need to launch the Apex Legends. By launching the game, you can get the various mode options on the home screen only.
  • It helps you select the mode you wish to play by indicating that mode when you feel that you are ready to play the match.
  • When you select one of the modes, then the regular mode is enabled by default, and now you can select the “Play Apex” option. Then from the options on the menu, you have to select the solo mode, which is on the right side of the screen.
  • When you are done with selecting the Apex Solo mode after that, you are ready to jump into the game and start playing the match.
  • Most of the players are thinking about how to get the character. You don’t need to worry as the procedure of selecting the character and playing the game is as same as the regular one. You can easily select the character as you choose in the standard model and start playing the game.
  • There is only one difference, and that is in solo mode players have to play solo without their teammates and have to fight with enemies alone.


You can easily understand how to play solo in Apex Legends with the help of the above information. It helps you to know how you can select solo mode and make yourself full of various experiences. One thing that you keep in mind while considering the information is to pay proper focus.

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