practice smokes in csgo

How to practice smokes in csgo

Csgo is one of the most famous shooting game which helps to have better experience in shooting games. This game is played on such a wonderful platform that it is a twitch. Twitch is a platform that helps various people to go live and play various games. It is very helpful as it provides a very good chance to make your name and fame. Csgo has various features and functions which help to make it more interesting and entertaining. 

Smokes in csgo refer to various commands which help to make a console through which you practice multiple clouds of smoke. It helps to make you a better player to play multiple competitive modes that are available in csgo. Smokes play a significant role in csgo to make players more comfortable and relaxed while playing a game. It is very important for the players to understand the various commands while playing a game so that they can perform well.

practice smokes in csgo

If you want to learn various important commands which help you to make a console whole playing csgo, then you should consider this article. This article will help you out to have proper knowledge about various features and commands through which you can practice smokes in csgo.

Tips to Practice

  • Once you start csgo, then you need to click on the button where PLAY is written at the top right and then click Offline with Bots. Then select the available map, and when it asks you for how many bots you need, then you need to select the No Bots option. After doing so, then you can start the game without any problem.
  • Next, you have to choose the team and move on to the next chapter. Now it will tell you about the various commands which play a major role while playing csgo.
  • If you are new and don’t know anything about the various commands, then you need to open the console where you can understand various commands. If you are not able to press ESC, then go to the help and options and click on the Game Settings.
  • You have to use the console by pressing this (~) key, which is on the left side of the keyboard on the top. After doing so, a small window will appear, then click to space where you can insert the commands and then copy and paste the commands there.
  • There are different commands available for different purposes, which can help you to practice smokes in csgo. It can help you to have fun and interest while playing this game as it provides you proper guidance for playing.
  • Before playing, it is very important to know all the commands, so to make it easy, you can paste them in the console for your help.


All the points mentioned above are the best tips for you to practice smokes in csgo. Commands play a significant role while playing this game as it helps to provide proper guidance and also helps you to practice smokes.

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