How to raid on Twitch?

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If you are new to twitch online streaming and want to know how you can raid on twitch, then you are in the right place for your concern. Well, before we begin to know about the method to raid on Twitch, it’s good to know what is twitch raid. Raids help a streamer to send their viewers to another channel live-streaming at the end of their streaming. It’s done to introduce the viewers of a channel. To a new channel with fun along with all the methods of a raid.

raid on twitch

How to raid?

Well, after clearing the concept of what a raid is, now let’s begin on the main consideration of you, which is how to raid on Twitch. Getting the raid on twitch is not hard as flying an airplane considering the few steps I will be telling you will make the task a piece of cake for you people to do. Twitch has a plethora of options for all the services that the website which a user can access via their profile option. Coming to the raid on Twitch pars can be done in these five steps quickly and reliably.

  • Login into your Twitch account
  •  After login type (RAID) with your name of the channel, you want to raid.
  •  Once you have typed, a pinned message with ten seconds of the countdown will appear.
  • After the countdown gets inactive, you can click on the given option, raid now, and you can start the raid.

The only thing that a streamer should consider before implementing these steps for raids; your viewers must know that you are going to raid on the channel to have more viewership.

Managing the raids

Once you have successfully started a raid on the Twitch, you get the access to manage the raids by the option to manage raids. That allows you to choose the users that can have a chat with you in the raid; these kinds of features of Twitch are the big reason. Why the platform is widely famous for the live-streaming of games. To manage the raids in, you have to visit the dashboard option and have to select that who can send the chat for ex-teammates, friends, etc.

How to have more viewers?

Having a higher viewership on Twitch is an important concern, which is the big cause behind all the overall popularity and monetization of a streamer on the site. To have a vaster audience base on your streaming channel, you should always try filling the views demand. Well, it’s not about sending them any expenses but playing the games and selling the game’s items. That is, on-demand of your viewers can bring a massive change into your viewership. However, it’s common to know that Twitch allows the viewers to send a small amount of money to the streamer for streaming a game. It’s one of the easiest and finest way of making money from the site and putting the content which your viewers want. It will be a good way of increasing the subscription list of your channel.

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