How to reduce ping in the league of legends?

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League of Legends is the most popular game which is available online in which around 27 million players are logging in every day. There may be several reasons which can cause in the rift. For the league of legends, you need a fast and stable net when the character is going to move; also, your PC sends that information to the game server. The server then spreads it to all the other players, and then the players can see that in real-time with no delays and lags.

Sometimes the ping is really high, so at that point in time, you see all the players jumping around the map here and there. Ping is basically a piece of data that is sent and then received from your PC to your game server or vice versa. If the percentage of data doesn’t arrive at that destination within a certain amount of time, then it is known as packet loss.

reduce ping in the league of legends

Jitter or ping spikes are basically the fluctuation of the ping over a set amount of time. For the best kind of experience in the league of legends the jitter, ping and packet loss should be as low as possible.

Steps to reduce ping:

  • Switch to Ethernet – If there is average ping, then the WIFI sample should be 62.4ms, Ethernet sample is 38.2ms. In average packet loss, the WIFI sample should be 3.9%; the Ethernet sample is 0.0%. In jitter, the WIFI sample should be 33.7ms; the Ethernet sample is 0.21ms. Always remember the WIFI should always be inferior to Ethernet for such games. WIFI can cause interference and is also unpredictable, which can degrade the connection to the servers.
  • Optimize your PC – League of legends is really old in the PC gaming scene. It was discovered in October 2009, so it does not need a new rig, but it is always better to get an updated version of everything. Your graphics driver should also be up to date. By closing all the background apps, you can make the PC work efficiently. Some of the things like download, websites, and videos can strain the streaming, so focus on the game that is running on your PC so as to win in the league of legends.
  • Change league of legends game settings – You can change the graphic settings in the league of legends that can surely boost the game speed. You can reduce the visual settings so as to increase the game speed.
  • Install haste – Haste is a modern technology that can reduce lags, jitters, pings, etc. and will boost the game speed like never before. Haste gives the patent-pending network in which there is no use of VPNs, and this patent-pending network can give league of legends the best gaming experience and connection.


In the league of legends, the ping can be reduced through the above 4 easy steps. Getting a good connection can easily boost the connection and boosts the game speed. Install haste for the best gaming experience.

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