How to Register as a VIP in GTA 5?

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GTA 5 is a mission-based game that helps the players have various experiences and allows them to know about the game well. There are various high posts available in the game, which helps the players to get a chance to grab various benefits. Big posts which exist in the game are CEO, VIP, etc. which help players to make more money and also helps them to get various new items. Most of the players want to know how to register as a VIP, as it helps them to grab multiple responsibilities and duties.

VIPs are defined to run various roles such as roles of employees and employers, too, who work together to deal with the VIP tasks. There are many challenges that a VIP needs to accept to run its various tasks and earn more money. They have to check all the unpredictable and dangerous streets of Los Santos. There are some people who want to experience the life of a VIP for which they want some guidance.

Register as a VIP in GTA 5

Here are some points which can help you to know about the crucial steps about how to register as a VIP in GTA 5.  

Ways to Register

  • The first thing that you need to keep in mind before registering as a VIP in GTA is that you should have at least $1 million in your Maze Bank Account. It helps you to show that you are ready to face various duties and responsibilities.
  • The second thing you should know about this that VIP status is not permanent; it will be with you for four hours during the free mode gameplay. The game only has 6 VIP players in the free mode of the game each time. 
  • If you want to set your status as a VIP or a bodyguard in GTA 5, then you have to visit the Interaction menu and find the option of SecuroServ. It will help you to become a VIP player by checking for the option of “looking for work.”
  • You can also opt for having the app on your mobile phones, but it replaces the icon of Benny Low-rider. You will be able to see the requests from the VIPs who are looking for protection in the game.
  • When you become a VIP or a bodyguard, then you get various accesses to PvP challenges, some special abilities, and various new modes.
  • The various accesses can help you to experience various VIP’s life, responsibilities, and a feeling of leadership. Before opting for registration, you need to learn about multiple tasks of the VIPs in the game.

Wrap It Up

With the help of the above points, you can easily understand that how you can register as a VIP in GTA 5. It can also help you to learn various new elements related to the VIP and about its different responsibilities. You should be patient while considering the above points so that you have a better understanding of the registration process.

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