How to Remove Reshade PUBG?

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Reshade is basically a past processing projector that helps the game to change its effects and converts them into dull or dark. It helps to provide new effects to the game, which helps to improve the view of the game and makes it look different. PUBG is one of the most famous games which have reshade injected in it, and players have various effects from it. But some of the players find it challenging to play with shade views, so they want to remove it from the game.

Most players are finding a way how to remove reshade from the game because they are facing some problems with it. If a player is playing PUBG, then it’s essential for them to know various aspects of the game. It is vital to have knowledge so that they can deal with the various issues that may arise in the game. One of the main measures for blocking reshade is to understand the various steps.

Remove Reshade PUBG

Here are some of the points which can help you to remove the reshade form the game and can experience an everyday game. You should pay proper attention to it so that you can understand the steps.

  • Step1: First you need to go to the game dictionary where you have installed the game, that is: Steam\SteamApp\common\PUBG\TsIGame\Binaries\Win64\
  • Step2: Next, you have to delete some of the things from the game, which will help you to remove the reshade feature from your competition. The things which you need to remove are Reshade-Shaders which is in the dictionary option, both the.ini files and all the related “dxgi” files. After deleting all these things from the game, then you will be able to play the game without facing any problem of reshade.
  • Step3: At last, you have to allow the game to see whether the reshade is removed or not for this, you have to start the game when it is loading.
  • Step4: When you open the game while it’s loading them, you will able to see the process is going on for removing the reshade from the game.

After completing the steps, you will able to see that the reshade option will get removed from the game and provide you a disturbance-free game. These steps are very helpful in removing the shade option, and you can easily do that with any problem. If you follow these steps correctly, then you will be succeeded in your mission of removing the reshade option.

Reshade is a good feature, but some of the players face various difficulties in defeating their enemies due to it. The players who face problems they can consider the steps mentioned above to remove this option from their game. You should always be ready with all the proper concentration so that you can follow these steps properly without any problem.

Final Verdict

These steps are the best to help you out in removing the reshade option from your game and have experienced a distraction-free game. You can consider these points to get rid of your problem which you are facing due to the reshade option.

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