How to Report in Apex Legends?

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Earlier players were not able to get the feature of reporting in Apex Legends, but now they have got the new feature so that they can report against the cheaters. At the time when players report against the cheaters, then it will directly go to the Easy Anti- Cheat. You can do it by considering either spectate view after dying or by looking at the team’s Banner Card in the Squad tab or by spectating view after dying.

The Anti-Cheat department can help you to get rid of all the cheaters from the game for whom you report and helps you to get the safe play. Most of the players don’t know about the reporting process, so it’s’ vital for them to know about it. It can help you to make all the cheaters leads to some punishment by the Easy Anti-Cheat department. Reporting is the best option to take some strict action towards someone with the help of the back-end department.

Report in Apex Legends

Here is some information that can help you to know the basic steps for reporting someone in Apex Legends if he had done something wrong. It can help you to know about the reporting process as well as many other new aspects of the game.

Steps to Report (Origin)

  • First, you have to open your friend’s list from where you will select any one of your friends.
  • Then you have to click on the “Add a Friend Button,” which can help you to add one of your friends whom you want to report.
  • After adding a find, then you have to search for the ID of the user so that you can report against him accurately with proper proof.
  • Next, you have to click on the name of your friend to open the user’s profile so that you can select the reporting option from there. It can help you to report him directly through his ID.
  • After opening the profile of the user, you have to click on the “Report User” option so that you can submit your request for reporting. It can help you to repost against that user directly to the Easy Anti-Cheat, and they will take some action towards the user. You can easily be able to tell them your problem so that they can take strict action if the problem is huge.

You can opt for the above steps if you want to report for any of the users from your friend’s list of Apex Legends. It can help you to tell your problem directly to the Anti-Cheat department and provides you a chance to chat with them.

Final Verdict

From the above information, you can get knowledge about the reporting process and how to consider it. You can easily get significant help from these points and make a cheater suffer in Apex Legends. It can also help you to have a relaxation in the game from those users who are not good and who keep on cheating while playing.

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