How to Report Players in Apex Legends?

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Usually, reporting is done for those players who cheat in the game, and in Apex Legends, there are such cases that need to get the report. Most players feel so bad when they see any cheating is going on and want to report for that. Earlier, this option was not available in the game, but now players can easily report for any cheater. There is a department that punishes those players who cheat in the games, named Anti-Cheat.

Players should comment on the new features of the Apex Legends so that they can remain updated. It can help them to deal with various problems which they are facing in the game. If players focus on the various new updates, then it can help them to have a proper understanding of the game. With the help of the Anti-cheat department, players can report against those who seem to be cheating. It can help to punish those players and keep them away from the game for some time.

Report Players in Apex Legends

The information mentioned below can help you remain updated and report against the bad players in the game.

Steps to Report

  • First, you need to open a website, i.e.,; from there, you have to select the Apex Legends from the list given there.
  • After that, you have to select your suitable platform where you have to select the topic “Report concerns and harassment.” After selecting, you have to select the option “Report Player” issue.  It can help you to report against the cheater with proper rules.
  • Then you have to select the Contact Option button, which will help you to move forward to your step of reporting against someone.
  • After that, you will able to see a web form that you have to fill with the relevant details that you want to report. There you will write the name of the cheater and the proper information about what kind of cheating he had done and what happened exactly. If you have any proof, you can also upload that along with the name and details of the cheater. It will help you to make your case more string and increase the chances of your wining.
  • Once you are done with all the details and information related to the cheater, you can click on the Email us button, which is at the bottom of the web form. It can help you to send your email directly to the Anti-Cheat department, who will help you to fight against that cheater.
  • After sending the email, you need to rest assured to the department, which means that the Anti-Cheat will handle the next process.

Wrap It Up

For reporting against someone, you need to have the proper knowledge that you can grab from the points mentioned above. It can also help you to know about a new department which is available for you to fight against any cheating. You can able to fight with full confidence due to significant support from such an excellent Anti-Cheat Department. 

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