How to Reserve your WoW Classic Name?

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In WoW Classic, there are multiple characters present in the game which needs to get a particular name. It helps to find the character easily if they are assigned with the name. Names play a significant role in people’s lives, whether it is real life or a game doesn’t matter. In this game, players need to reserve their character’s name so that they can provide them with a name and their own identity. Most of the players are new to WoW Classic due to which they don’t know much about the game, which makes them lack behind the name reservation process.

WoW have numerous versions and characters in the game, which makes it compulsory for them to have the name of all their characters. It will help to find the right character if they are assigned with separate names. Now the game has opened the character creation system and name reservation system, which allows the players to have the name and the characters of their choice. It helps the players to have their imaginary characters with some unique names.

For knowing the name reservation process, you need to consider the below points. It will allow you to have the name of your choice for your character.

Steps to Reserve Name

  • You can reserve a name for your character with the help of Blizzard Launcher. First, you need to install WoW if you don’t have it in your device.
  • Then you have to visit the WoW page and select World of Warcraft Classic from that page where all the versions of the game are available. After that, you have to select your game account so that you can make changes in it and reserve the name for your hero.
  • After that, you have selected the realm you want to play so that you can have a name for that version’s character.
  • Next, you have to go to Create a Character option as you are allowed to create a total of three characters on one WoW account. When you opt for creating a character, then you can pick their name, faction, and race and also their name, which you can reserve for the live release.
  • Once you make three characters and you want to makeover, then you have to delete one character. When you delete one, then the name gets freed up again, and then you have to reclaim the name again.
  • All these steps will help you out in reserving the name from your character. The name reserve tutorial is the best to learn about the process because the tutorial is always the best way to consider something.

Final Verdict

By considering the above name reservation steps, you can easily opt to create the character and name. It will allow you to make your character identified easily with the help of a name and makes you not get confused in finding them. Try to be attentive when you opt for the above steps so that you can have a safe reservation of the name and while creating three characters.

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