How to Reset Dungeons in WoW?

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There are multiple things present in the game that needs to get reset, and one from them is Dungeons. Resetting of the Dungeon can help the players to have those experiences which a player can’t get from any other field. There are multiple ways to help the players reset this element so that they can take better advantage of it. Always try to make proper utilization of the ways so that you won’t face any problem. Never convert yourself into a strange person who creates difficulties for you.

Many players are connected to the game just because it helps them to have unique features and experiences. When you opt for any online featured game with multiple series or versions, you should know about the game well. If you learn about all the concepts and the version of the game, then you can deal with any of the situations. Resetting of Dungeon is not as hard as you think of so you can learn the process well and also grab benefits from it.

Reset Dungeons in WoW

You can pay attention to the below information for understanding the concept of resetting Dungeon. It will also help the players to enhance their knowledge about various other elements of the game.

Soft Reset

  • You can opt for a soft reset when all the party players move out of the instance and leave it properly. It can help to put all the people out of combat and makes mobs run back to their original places. Reset will help you to make the place empty and move all the mobs out of the area.
  • The term soft reset means that all the party players will leave the instance for at least 30 minutes. It can lead to cause any of the trash mobs which can kill the respawn. One of the main reasons for soft reset is the farm trash, which creates all around the area messed up. It is mainly due to the mobs in raid instances, rare drops, and reputation.

Hard Reset

  • A hard reset takes place when all the party members leave the instance and the main leader of the instance click right over his portrait. When the leader selects his portrait, he then clicks right over there, which helps him do a hard reset. It will help to restart the entire instance, and then all the mobs will come back.
  • Raid Instances and Heroic Dungeons can’t be reset hard manually, so they need to be reset on a daily basis according to the time and region. If you opt for a hard reset, it will make the instance without considering the time and region to return home. 


The above points will help you know the solution to your query and provide you with the solution of how to reset Dungeon in WoW. The information will also help you to know about those aspects which you don’t know before. Always remember that you don’t need to get panic and try to remain calm while performing any important task.

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