Save Overwatch Highlights PC

How to Save Overwatch Highlights PC?

Blizzard Entertainment produced such a brilliant game which helps players to have those experiences which they have never face in their life. Overwatch is that game that has such a unique feature along with highlights one. It is a multiplayer game that helps the players play with their friends, and they can record their memorable moments. Most of the players play Overwatch but don’t know about this feature, which can help them to stay connected with their old friends.

The players who play this game on their respected PCs, especially those players, tend to face problems with this aspect.  It’s essential for all the players to know about all the necessary features of the game so that they can grab proper knowledge about the game. Highlights help the players to remember those shots which they have made in their past experiences. PCs are considered as the best platform for playing shooting games as it helps the players to get more space and features.  

Save Overwatch Highlights PC

Here are some points which you can consider to learn how you can save your highlights in Overwatch. It will also help you to learn about the PC version saving.

Ways to Save Highlights (PC)

  • If you are a player of Windows 10 PC games, you can use the built-in game DVR feature to save the highlights.
  • If you want to show the overlay, you need to click on the “G” key and the Windows button. From there, you can able to take the screenshots and start saving the highlights of the game.
  • If you are not a Windows 10 user, you can still save the highlights of the game and maintain a good bond between your friends and you.
  • According to the views of Shack news, either you can download third-party game-saving clients like Fraps or Play Claw, or you can use the built-in option, which comes with the NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s.

These steps can help you to save the significant highlights of your game and also helps you to stay in touch with your loved friends. While considering these steps, you need to be knowledgeable about the highlight feature of the game well. It will help you not to get confused and remain understandable about all the aspects going on.

It’s crucial for all the Overwatch lovers to know about highlight features so that they remain calm and watch their cool moves again and again. Highlights help the players boost their confidence and motivation after watching their unique moves, which they made once.


The above steps will help you out to get the answer for your query and allow you to learn how you can save your highlights in Overwatch. It would be best if you were attentive while reading the points so that you won’t get confused and able to understand well. It is beneficial for the PC users to grab such great information for having an advantage from the highlights in the game.

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