How to Save Overwatch Highlights?

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Overwatch is a shooting based game that Blizzard Entertainment produced for making players have some unique experiences. One of the most interesting and best features of the game is that it helps you to share your matches with your friends. It makes you have some memories saved in the game and makes you revise your memories by sharing the highlights.

Most of the players love to play this game due to this unique feature, as it helps them to stay connected with their old friends. It can be the best feature of the game and the most unique as you will not be able to see this feature In any other game. Highlight feature helps the game to attract as many players to it and makes them become the most interesting fans of the game.

Save Overwatch Highlights

You can consider the below points for enhancing your knowledge regarding the highlights and how to save them. Here you can able to learn those aspects from which you are not met yet.

Ways to Save Highlights


  • If you have windows 10 on your PC, then you can use its in-game DVR feature for recording or saving the highlights. For showing the overlay, you need to click on the G key and the windows button. With the help of these two buttons, you can able to record or save the highlights and also take a screenshot.
  • If you don’t have windows 10 in your PC, then you can use various other ways to save the highlights. You can either opt for the build-in recording options that come with the AMD GPU’s and NVIDIA, or else you can opt for displaying the third party recording clients for the game such as Fraps or Play Claw.

On PS4

  • For saving the Overwatch highlights in PS4, the best is to utilize the share button of the game, which is available on the left side. Before opting for the utilization of the button, you should check the settings of the game to see how it is configured. After checking and for utilizing, you have to visit settings and then click on the sharing button and then broadcasts.
  • You should also check the time that how much time it will record or save at the time of saving the video clip. It depends upon the device, and accordingly, the time can be checked. For saving one of the pre-made highlights from the Overwatch highlights menu. You only have to check the video clip and then opt for sharing the menu for saving the footage of videos. Once you save the highlights, then you can trim it as per your demand.

Final Verdict

With the help of the above information, you can learn how to save various highlights in Overwatch. It will help you to know about saving highlights in various devices and makes you know about it in one place. You should pay attention so that you can able to have a better understanding.

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