How to Score Bicycle Kick in FIFA 20?

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Bicycle kick one of the most essential and beneficial kicks in the game of football. It helps the players to have to humiliate their opponents and make them feel low confident. Usually, players prefer to do bicycle kick so that they can grab those advantages which they can’t get with a regular kick. Normal kick allows the players to the goal as per their suitability, but bicycle kick will enable them to kick so hard. It helps the players to kick from far distance and guarantees for a goal. Humiliating your opponents mean making them feel less confident and increase your chances to win the match.

Score Bicycle Kick in FIFA 20

Usually, players prefer to play FIFA 20 because they get numerous chances to experience lots of good shots. All the players need to know about the necessary moves of the game to score well. Some players are engaged in playing FIFA 20, don’t know much about the game, and feel sad. There is no need to worry; here is some information that will help you know how you can score a bicycle kick.

You can consider the below information for knowing how to score bicycle kick in FIFA 20. It will also help you to have some extension in your current knowledge and take advantage of it.

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  • For scoring bicycle kick, you need to set yourself with your current player. If you keep on pressing L2 and R1, then the player you are controlling in the game will start juggling the ball. You can use L2 and RB for Xbox One and ZL and R for switch devices. These are some of the controls that will help you juggle properly and allow you to bicycle kick the ball. It is great to have such controls as they are easy as well as simple to consider.
  • When you are using the controls, try to use the left analog stick to align with that in the directing you are facing. It will help you kick the ball towards your goal; otherwise, your player will take advantage of your movements. Always try to use all the controls so that you can efficiently perform the bicycle ball and take advantage of it. It is easy to score bicycle kick only when you have complete knowledge about it; otherwise, you have to face numerous problems.
  • When the ball is just above your opponent’s head, you have to jump and kick the ball; it will help you perform the bicycle kick. This shot is similar to other flair shots, and you will find it easy if you know how to do flair shots. If you have experienced multiple flair shots, it will be easy for you to score the bicycle kick. In FIFA 20, there are various kicks and shots, so you should know all of them to perform better in the game.


All the information mentioned above will help you to learn how to score bicycle kick in FIFA 20. It will help you to know about various aspects of the game and makes you understand new moves. You need to be careful while considering the information to easily learn how to handle the kick and score bicycle kick.

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