How to see FPS in Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends is a game that is somehow similar to Fortnite as it includes a little bit same features and gaming procedure. It is considered one of the most popular games of the time, which helps players to experience various aspects of the game. Players can have a great view of the game with the help of fps. Fps is the frame per second. It helps the players to play like a real character in the game as the camera moves with players.

While playing Apex Legends, it’s essential to have a clear view; otherwise, players can get defeated by their enemies. The players need to understand various aspects of the game so that they can deal with multiple problems. Fps plays a significant role in Apex Legends; in fact, it is essential in all the 3D games to make the game more live and real. It can help you to experience more various views of the game, which allows you to have some unique experiences.

see FPS in Apex Legends

If you don’t know much about fps, then you can opt for the information mentioned below. It can help you to know about how to see fps in Apex Legends and also helps to see various other things.

Steps to See FPS

  • First, you have to open the origin launcher, which can help you to move forward to further steps to see fps.
  • Then you have to click on the origin which is situated at the top of the screen from there you have to select the Application Settings. It will help you to make some changes which can help you to see fps in the game.
  • Next, you have to select the in-game origin tab, which can help you to get the fps and make it clearer. It can make you feel relaxed after seeing a better view of the game by improving the fps.
  • Then during the gameplay, you have to select an area where you want the fps of the game to get displayed. It can help you to see the fps in the game and helps you to see a better view of the game with more benefits.
  • You can select any of the corners of the game screen to display the fps. It can help you to see fps in that spot where you find it easy to be considered.
  • The player can also change the fps of the game by increasing or decreasing the fps; it depends upon the power of the PC. If you have low powered PC, then you can set fps up to 60 to 120, and if the power is high, then you can set fps up to 144.

Final Verdict

You can get significant help from the above information about how to see fps in Apex Legends. It can also help you to know about various new aspects of the game which you don’t know earlier. You can consider the above steps without any hesitation as they are for your betterment only.

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