How to Self Revive in Apex Legends?

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Self revives one of the features of Apex Legends, which helps players to deal with various problems. Earlier, there are difficulties in self-reviving, but now players can do it by considering the right tools. There are so many features available in the game which help players to have various experiences. Self-reviving is a must in this game as it helps players stay for the long term and also helps them have new experiences.

For performing the self-revival, players need to have a legendary knockdown shield that can only get with the help of tokens. There are various currencies available which help players to get new items in the game. The players must have all the related knowledge so that they can easily keep them safe.

Self Revive in Apex Legends

If you don’t have knowledge about this feature, you can opt for the information below. It can help you to know about how to self revive and also provides you with new knowledge.

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If players want to self revive in Apex Legends, they need to opt for a legendary knockdown shield that can only be earned by playing well. It would be best if you used the right tools to gather various self-reviving chances for a more lengthy stay. It’s essential for the players to know how to get these gold shields so that they can easily self revive.

When you succeed in getting these gold shields, don’t forget to use its one-time chance for self-revival. After you are ready with the shield, you can revive yourself by using the prompted button at the bottom of the screen. This feature takes a while to get used, and you have to keep it hidden during this time. If you do not hide it, then your enemies will kill you.

Now the main question is how to get the legendary knockdown shield. Here are some points which can help you to get these gold shields and make you have a safe stay in Apex Legends.

  • You will able to find the legendary shield in the game with the help of some drops throughout the game.
  • These drops are called out by the various players and marked on the map with a layered blue circle and move far away when the drop lands.
  • Then it would help if you found the drop where it lands by following the blue color circle on the map. Meanwhile, you need to be ready to fight against the various enemies of yours.
  • You can able to see this gold shield frequently in the lifelines care pack. There you will also be able to find various items that reveal the Tick’s blue light. The loot Tick’s will help you to find the highest rarity of the loot which it holds.


With the help of the above information, you will understand how to self revive in Apex Legends. It will also help you to enhance your knowledge about the legendary knockdown shield, which is the only medium for self-revival. It would help if you tried to pay proper attention so that you can make a good understanding.

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