How to Sell Cars in GTA 5?

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Usually, players prefer to sell out the cars in GTA 5 when they have more cars and don’t want them. When players tend to play this game, they need to complete various missions, which helps them to earn more benefits such as cars, money, etc. You are not allowed to sell out the cars in single-player mode, but you can sell them online. Online playing can help you to have a free play if you are playing on PC.

Most of the people are engaged in playing GTA 5, but they are unaware of some of its crucial features. All the GTA players need to know about their essential elements and workings. With the help of proper knowledge, you can get more advantages and more money in the game. If you do not prefer to learn about various aspects of the game, you won’t be able to grab huge benefits.

Sell Cars in GTA 5

If you are interested in learning about some helpful steps which will help you understand how to sell cars, you can consider the below information. It will help you to have a better understanding of the solution to your query.

Steps to Sell Cars

  • First, you need to get access to the online GTA game, which can be done via any device of your choice. When you enter the game, then you have to click on the options or menu button of your controller or the Esc button on your PC to open the main menu of the game. Then you have to click on the right side tab to access the online GTA game. But for PS4 or Xbox One, you need to get the subscription of the game first, then only you can play online.
  • Then you have to select a character of your choice in the game which will help you to play on your behalf.
  • After selecting a character, you can finally start playing the game, and then you have to find a car that you want to sell out. You can also get a car from your garage in the game.
  • Next, you have to visit Los Santos Customs, a shop for cars where you can sell out your cars and earn money. You can go to the shop by following the icon like a spray can on the map.
  • Then you have to enter the garage of the shop when you visit there, and you have to stand in front of the garage, and a shop menu will appear. If you have a wants level, then the garage will not open.
  • After getting into the shop menu, you have to select the sell car option, which will help you to sell out your car. You have to choose the “X” key for PS4, “A” for Xbox, and “Enter” for PC.
  • Finally, after getting the various options selected, you have to select the sell car option again. It will help you confirm the sale, and the cash will get deposited into your funds, displayed in the top right corner.


By considering all the above steps, you can understand the concept of how to sell your car in GTA 5. It will also help you to know about various aspects of PS4 and Xbox, too, along with the PC sale. You only need to be attentive while reading the steps so that you can understand it well.

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