How to Sell League of Legends Accounts?

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League of Legends is one of the most famous games, which is basically a strategy based game that helps to have a live experience. There are two teams present in this game with five champions each and are provided with 140 champions to choose their best five out of them. Champions play a significant role in this game to make their team win the match. One of the most common questions which arise by the different players is how to sell league of legends account.

The account which is made by a player before starting this game needs so many approvals and information. A player wants to sell their account so that their account can be utilized, and the points they have earned don’t get wasted. There are so many players present who love to buy the account of this game as this game is not as easy as you think. That’s why various people like to buy the account from another person and get ready to pay for that.

Sell League of Legends Accounts

If you want to learn the necessary steps which can help you to sell the account, then you can consider this article for that. It will help you out to know the essential steps, along with various other aspects.

Tips for selling the account

  • The first step is to register yourself on the website where you want to sell your game and ants to earn money.
  • Then post the details of the account which you want to sell out and make people more attracted to it. The details should be posted in such a way that it attracts more people.
  • The website where you post the details helps to let you know when the details get matched with the buyer’s needs. It helps you to have an appropriate buyer for your account within those prices at which you want to sell out.
  • Then the payment gets released when once the buyer confirms the receipt of the delivery and makes sure that he had accepted your account as his account.

There are so many sites available which help you to make a post for your account, which you want to sell and makes people aware of the account. When you post the details of your account any of the sites, and when it gets excepted, then the site deducts the commission fee and credit the rest of the amount to your bank account. You should always be careful while posting the details of your account as there are so many frauds that take place in the online market. It is essential for the players to give proper attention and focus while choosing a site for selling the account.


From the tips mentioned above, you can understand the various steps through which you can able to sell your league of legends account. Whenever you plan to sell your account, then you can follow the tips mentioned above as it can help you better and provides an excellent path to market. 

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