How to set up donations on twitch

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Today we will be discussing an interesting topic about related to the donation setup for a channel. Before we begin, let us get to know what twitch exactly is; well, twitch is an online streaming platform that offers streaming over the gaming. It has significant types of monetization plans for a channel, including the subscription selling and twitch bids. That the viewers of a channel give to the streamer during the live streaming.

set up donations on twitch

Setting up donations

Well, setting up the donations on twitch is not rocket science, which needs a proper acquisition to make the task-relevant. I will be sharing some steps with you, which will help you in setting up the donations and how to do it reliably. Setting up contributions in twitch requires fewer authentication before it gives access to a user to do the task. It includes the account information of an individual that wants to set up such. However, if a user does not have the account on the website, they need to register the one to get started. Now, coming to the setting up for the donations can quickly be done in fewer steps we will see.

  •  First, log in to
  • Click on the profile option (my selling tools).
  • Go to PayPal buttons, update the option, and after that, click on the link asking to make a new button.
  • Choose the type of button you want and select a donation from the list.
  • Type your twitch channel name and get started.

How to increase viewership?

In twitch, increasing the viewership base is an essential factor, which is all associated with the monetization of your channel. Getting higher viewer base on twitch, it’s not difficult; all you have to implement these points to have such results in no time. This will not improve your overall viewer base but will also play a significant role in monetization. Twitch itself can be considered as one of the best online streaming platforms of the modern internet world, which is a relevant source of revenue. Coming to the points to increase the viewership, it can be done in three simple steps.

  • Stream games on viewer demand
  • Implement the use of exciting clips in a video
  •  Try getting more involved in the community

Social media

Social media is an essential factor responsible for the growth of your channel for better success achievement over time. You might have been confused now on how a social media platform can be my success player for twitch. Let me clear you these networks have more than one billion active user base around the globe, which is quite a statement to understand its essentiality for your channel. To obtain the results from social media, you have to promote yourself on the platform, in order to gain maximum viewership base to increase your channel. It will also bring massive potential in your gaming streaming and community making you famous streamer around the world.

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