How to show FPS in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

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CS:GO is an entertaining hub among eSports lover, and it has all the features that you may have desired off. When someone buys a new gaming rig and want to try out the processing power, they prefer such an intense game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most preferred option where everyone checks their computer performance.

show fps in csgo

Checking a couple of things can help to know about the graphical performance of your device and the easy option is to check FPS (Frame per Second). Frame rate is easy to calculate with any of the tools, and they can help you know how much your computer is processing. On the other hand, it can help to know if there is an issue with your high-end gaming rig.

Due to this, let’s have a look at the method to turn on FPS calculator and turning it on your PC.

Easy to follow Method to Turn it On

Most of the PC gamers use Steam to run games on their PC, and if you use the same for CS:GO, then this method is for you.
• Open the Steam application and then head toward upper menu, then hit settings.
• In this window, you can choose the in-game tab option; on the left side of the menu.
• Here, you need to look after the in-game FPS counter steam and click on it.
• Now, you can set the position of frame rate so that you don’t face any issue.
• It would be better to prefer top-bottom, left-right corners.
• Once you are done, choose the high contrast color setting.

Now, you will get a clear view, and you can play the game. Make sure that you choose the perfect position to check out frame rate. Every time you play the game, it will be there, and you can follow the same commands to turn it off and having a similar gaming experience.

Differences in FPS

You can change the settings and make CS:GO run at 60 FPS or 30 FPS to reduce overheating of your PC. There is a huge difference that you can find out. The key differences are –
• 60 FPS is much smoother, and you are getting way better refresh rate. There are 60 different photos running under a second so you have a better detailing and you get real to life experience.
• 30 FPS is half of previously mentioned frame rate, and you can find huge drop inexperience. But, your computer won’t be taking much time to load it, and you won’t get any kind of freeze while playing the game. It also reduces issues like overheating, slow buffering and more.
• 20 FPS is the slowest option, and it is not a better choice to play the game because you get great ping speed but a poor experience. You won’t even get to know about enemy until they shots you.

These are some of the major reason that FPS matters a lot, and you need to choose the right setting for better performance.

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