How to Show FPS in Overwatch?

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Overwatch is an online internet-based game which requires a proper network and quality while playing. Fps is the main part of the game, helping the game improve its quality while playing and having a great view. It stands for frame per second, which allows the players to play as a 3D player. Most of the players usually prefer to play online games because of their good quality and unique aspects.

The image and reputation of the game are dependent upon the fps, which makes it whether a loving game or a hating one. Showing fps is not as hard as some players’ think of; it is just that you need some guidance for performing your task. It’s important for each and every player to know about the main aspects of the game as they have equal rights while playing online. Some of the players are not aware of how to show fps in Overwatch.

Here are some points which will help you to know how you can show fps in the game. It will help you to increase your basic knowledge to another level.

Enable the FPS Counter

If you want to show fps in Overwatch, one of the best ways is to enable the fps counter. It will help you to see the fps and also helps you to have safe playing with the proper view. The main motive of the fps is to increase the game’s quality and make the players feel like they are playing in the game.

It helps to make the game run faster and smoother and also keeps players connected to the game for the long term. Fps are the significant aspects of the game, helping to keep the fans stable until the time it is working well. For enabling the fps counter, you need to follow the below steps as it will help you to have some guidance on how to do so.

  • First, you have to go to the options menu with the help of your home screen. Before going to the options menu, you have to make sure that you are in the video section.
  • Then you have to be clear that you have enabled the “Display Performance Stats.” It will help you to have a small box at the top of the screen where you will able to read some important information.
  • After that, you have to expand the menu by clicking on the little + icon. But before expanding the menu, make sure that you have enabled the “Show Frame rate” and then save the changes.


You can able to make sure that you have all the above points for showing the fps so that you can able to show the fps in Overwatch. If you do not follow the above information, then you might not get succeed in showing fps. It will help you know the importance of the fps in an online game and attract more players to the game. 

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