How to Show FPS in WoW?

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WoW is a shooting or mission-based game in which players need to complete multiple quests that are compulsory. For playing at high quality and better, fps play a major role as it helps to have a clear view and images in the game. It stands for the first-person shooter, which means that when you rotate in the game, the camera will also rotate and cover your direction. Fps helps you feel like you are really in the game and playing as a real character.

Show FPS in WoW

Most of the players are connected to WoW just because it provides a great fps which makes them deal with the game easily. All the players must know how to show fps in the game so that players can deal with the multiple situations comfortably. When a player prefers to play a game, their main motive is to play like a professional and become a more accurate player. There are some players who are not aware of many things present in the game. 

But no worries, you can consider the below information for getting a solution for your query and the right path to find the fps.

Fps Tutorial

  • Players can find fps in WoW By heading to the “Toggle Framerate Display” command, present under the miscellaneous tab. It is a key of the bindings menu, and it is assigned by pressing ctrl + R keys by default. You can also opt for setting any other key for showing the fps; it entirely depends upon you. Everything is based on you, changing keys and controls, and you can change the authorities whenever you want to.
  • Fps helps you to convert your game from small screen to full screen and also helps to improve the graphics of the game. Graphics are the only thing which helps to improve the game view and also provides you better gameplay. You should know about how to show fps so that you won’t get caught into any misfortune or any lousy elements.
  • If you have any mod in the game that can lead you to get blocked, you need to show the fps to move to a safer side. Showing fps in WoW is very simple; you only need to pay attention to your settled key so that you can easily open it on your screen while playing. You can put the key in the right middle of your game’s screen so that you won’t face any difficulty in finding it when you want to show fps.


Fps play a major role in each game, which is played online because it improves the quality of the game. The above information will help you out in knowing how you can show fps in WoW and also help you to have knowledge about its keys and controls. You only need to pay attention to nothing else because paying attention is the best thing to do if you want a proper understanding of anything.

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