How to show Ping in Fortnite?

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Ping is basically a device that helps you to see various issues if you are suffering from any in Fortnite. It’s essential to show ping in the game so that you can stay aware of various problems. With the help of ping, you can able to see downloads and uploads from the Fortnite servers and also helps you to see if you are losing packets. There is always being a possibility for various problems with the game server, which can lead to high ping.

It’s essential for you to check the Fortnite servers and Epic Games status page so that you will able to know about any issues. You can also check your own sever top know the exact speed of the game so that you can manage it on your end. It is important for the players to know about various aspects of the game so that they can deal with any problem. You should keep proper knowledge about the game and about its various features.

show Ping in Fortnite

Here are some of the points which can help you to show ping on your own in Fortnite. It will also help you to know about various aspects of the game.

Check-In Game

You can prefer to check the settings of the game as there is an option that can help you to show the ping. In different devices, the appearance of the settings is different, but the name of the option is common. You can easily choose the options as the common names are “Display Performance Stats” or “Display Network Information.”

These two names are very helpful to guide you that how you can show ping on your own. It will help you out to know the exact value of the server, and you can correct it if there is any problem. Ping is basically the latency of the game, which helps the game to run with the best servers without any issue. 

Ping the Server Directly

It is one of the most common techniques which you can use to show the ping in Fortnite. You can directly prefer to check the server of your game so that you can easily find out the main problem and correct it. For checking the server directly, you will be required an IP address so that you get access to the server.

If you want to check the server directly, then for that, a permit is required, which you can get from the game. This process is very easy, but for this, you need to face the problem of IP address and that you won’t get without permission. You should try to find any solution so that you can get support and able to check the server.


You can get help from the points mentioned above about how to show ping in Fortnite. It can help you a lot in finding the problem in the server and help to make your game run smoothly. If you want to know the sever problem, then it’s the best idea to shoe the ping.

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