How to Show Ping in Overwatch?

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Ping is also known as latency or the internet, which helps the game to be played with the server. It helps the players to have a secure connection with the game for playing. If the connection between the server and the game is poor, then it is better to reduce the ping. It will help you to get rid of Overwatch lag and allows you to have a smooth-running game. If the ping in your game increases, it will take some time to complete the game’s actions.

Show Ping in Overwatch

Most players don’t know about the ping, and they tend to face the serve or hanging problems of the game in between while playing. It’s crucial for the players to know exactly what the ping is in Overwatch so that they can deal with it. The normal amount of ping is between 30 and 50, and if it increases to 1000, you can easily imagine its impact on your game.

Here are some points that can help you to know how to show the ping in Overwatch. It will also help you to understand the basic other aspects of the game.

Ping Tutorial

For PC

  • First, you have to open the menu options by locating the main menu or the screen by clicking on the ESC button.
  • After that, under the “Video Tab” option, you have to search for “Display Performance Stats. Then you have to turn this setting to the turn-on button so that it gets started.
  • Then expand the “Advanced Performance Stats” option in the dropdown menu so that you can show the ping. 
  • For displaying the ping, you have to start the “Show Network Latency” option by turning the option in to on button.
  • Then press enters for applying the changes, and it will help you to show the ping in Overwatch.

For PS4/Xbox

  • First, you have to open the menu options by locating the main menu or the screen so that you can able to move further to your further steps.
  • Then under the “Video “tab search for the Show Network Stats and then turn it to on button.
  • After that, you have to expand the “Advanced Network Stabs” in the dropdown menu to show the ping.
  • For displaying the ping, you have to start the “Show Network Ping” and click on the turn on button option.
  •  The stats you will select will be appearing in a box that is of grey color, and the box will appear on the left side of the upper corner. 


You can opt for the above points for a better understanding of how to show ping in Overwatch. It will help you to understand the various new aspects of the game that you don’t know before. By considering the above information, you will be able to show ping and not for one device, in fact, for devices. Whether you have PC or PS4/Xbox doesn’t matter, as steps to show ping for both the devices are available above.

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