How to skip warm-up CS:GO?

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A twitch is a platform that helps to organize CS:GO, which is a very famous shooting game. It helps to experience various challenges and features of CS:GO. There are different functions and features available in this game, such as fps, smokes, console, warm-up, etc. The most complaint able task of this game is the warm-up time, which leads you to waste up to 15 seconds, one minute or more than that. Time wastage in this game due to warm up is fully dependent upon your server settings.

skip warm-up CS:GO

There is a need to overcome this problem as it disturbs you while playing and wastes your precious time. There is nothing worse than wasting your precious time on the warm-up of the CS:GO server and on any offline game with bots to get the end. There are various commands available that help you in getting rid of this warm-up by skipping it and start the game. For using a console command, you need to have a console enabled and need to learn the basics of how to open it.

If you want to learn the basics of how to skip warm-up in CS:GO then it is compulsory for you to consider this article. This article will help you out to know the important measures and skipping commands.

Various Commands to get rid of warm-up problem

mp_warmup_end - If you don’t want to skip the warm-up and want to reduce the time of warm-up, then you can consider this command. It will help you to shorten the time of the warm-up by reducing the seconds with the seconds. If you want to see the warm-up and don’t want to skip it, then this command is the best.

mp_warmuptime SECONDS - This command helps you to shorten the time by 10 seconds but can’t replace the warm-up fully. If you want to reduce the time of warm-up instead of skipping it, then this command is the best for that.

mp_warmuptime 10 -  This command is the best if you want to confuse the players and makes them not to enter the game before the game ends. If you want to end the warm-up when various players enter the game at a certain number of times, then you should consider his command.

mp_endwarmup_player_count PLAYERS - It helps you to replace the 5 players with the warm-up time and helps to end up the warm-up faster when 5 new players connected to the server.

mp_endwarmup_player_count 5 - This command helps you to end the warm-up within 5 seconds when a new player enters the game. The server will reduce the warm-up time automatically after connected to the new players.

Wrap It Up

All the points mentioned above are the best commands used for reducing the warm-up and also helps to get rid of the time-wasting problem. If you want to reduce the warm-up time while playing, then you can consider the above commands. People should consider the above commands if they want to get rid of warm-up problem.

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