How to Start a Heist in GTA 5?

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GTA is the most famous and renowned game in the online games world, which helps the players have various experiences under one platform. It includes various heists, a kind of mission in which players have to rob the areas and earn money. Heists help the players to stay connected to the various dangerous missions and with money earning tasks. It enables the players to undertake some vast crimes which can make the life of the player in danger.

Most of the players want to know how to start the heist due to various benefits of heists. It can help the players grab a lot of things, including robbery, killing, theft, etc. Before starting the various heists in the game, players need to fulfill the various requirements which can allow the players to start the heist.  All the players need to know about the various elements of the game so that they can grab the benefits quickly.

Start a Heist in GTA 5

Heist plays a significant role in GTA, and players also need such ways to fulfill their necessities and to earn more money. You can consider the below information to learn about more points related to it.

Further Details

  • Players can easily start the heist when they reach rank 12 and buy a high-end apartment. It shows that when a player owns something in the game to have a good sleep or a kind of shelter, then they can start the heist. These high-end apartments cost a pretty penny, so before considering one of the significant activities, players need to have some savings. The savings can help the players get access to the multiplayer mode and easily grab the heists. 
  • When you get success in saving such a high amount of pennies, which can help you to buy a high-end apartment, it shows that you reached rank 12.  When you buy an apartment and reach rank 12, then Lester will call you and set up a big job for you, which is your first job. After getting access to the job, you can start your heist mission and able to get access to experience various criminal adventures with some benefits.
  • Reaching close to your rank 12 means that you will be getting assigned to your first criminal job, which can lead your life to danger but also provide you with various benefits. You need to get ready for the criminal based mission when you find yourself close to the rank 12 in GTA 5. Criminal missions help you the most in earning more money and more items such as cars, bikes, etc.

Wrap It Up

The players who are curious about how to start heists in GTA 5 can consider the above information properly as it will provide you with the answer to your query. You need to be a fast learner as it will help you to move close to your tasks faster with more advantages. It can also help you to know about various new aspects of the game and criminal missions. 

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