How to Start Streaming On Twitch to Gain Fame?

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Twitch is undoubtedly the giant of game streaming platforms, and there is no competition for this platform till this date. Having so many unique features and the ability to donate gamers seems a fun way to support a favorite gamer.

However, you can also stream on Twitch using all the essential equipment and installing the software of choice. Once you are done following all the basic steps, you can look forward to gaining fame. If you want to be popular by streaming on Twitch, then there are few tips.

gain fame on twitch

Following the below-mentioned tips will help you harness more fame effectively and becoming a popular streamer online. Let’s have a look –

  1. Choose Game Wisely – When you are choosing a highly popular game, then it might be a bad choice to stream it. The primary reason is, such intense games are streamed by many. If you want to do it, then play with a popular squad, and it will be an easy choice to show your skills to others. Otherwise, you can choose a different game, which is unique, fun to play, and entertaining to others.

  2. Practice Can Help – Before directly playing a game on Twitch for the first time, you can try out some of the basics so that you master the method of progressing at a faster rate. Keep it in mind that you try the basics, learn the way to use controls, and then you are good to go. Make mistakes, but don’t do silly ones who aren’t done by any other gamer. It can help you perform effectively.

  3. Play with Squad – The best way to gain fame is to play with the squad, and it will be a nice opportunity to show your skills. There are several methods to enhance the gameplay, but if you are not capable of doing it in the live match, then practice offline. Choose some of the best players in a particular game and then start streaming with a trolling accent to entertain viewers.

  4. Choose the Right Time – If you prefer to stream in the morning or afternoon time, then you are about to get very few viewers. Most of the time, no one is active such hours, and it would be a better choice to understand that when a higher number of audiences are available online. To begin your journey, you can start streaming in the evening time from 9 to 12. The timing factor depends upon the country also.

The Final Verdict

It might be easy, to begin with, a unique or epic game. You can practice before streaming, and then it will help you perform better, and you can come up with a basic script to entertain your gamers. Some might say that who plays script, but it is not a bad idea to learn some jokes and then use them while playing this game. It is an effective option to gain fame with ease.

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