How to Stream League of Legends with OBS?

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League of Legends is one of the most famous games of the time, and most of the people are crazy about this game. It is very important to broadcast it on a big platform so that various people can get a chance to play this game. OBS stands for Open Broadcast Software, which helps multiple platforms or games to get famous by broadcasting them. When you prefer to play this game, it is very important to know its aspects first.

This game has made various people addicted to it and also made them play it all the time. Before starting a game, you must check all the necessary details of the game so that in future you don’t have to face any problem. Players who love to play this game have a common question that is how to stream League of Legends with OBS. This question has various benefits as it helps this game to get broadcasted.

Stream League of Legends with OBS

If you want to learn various aspects, then you should prefer to read this article as it will tell you about some important points to streaming this game with OBS.

Some Crucial Tips

  • League of legends is a lightweight game that makes it easy to get stream quickly. But this game has a limit of its recommendations, which suggests that there should not be overloaded FPS or graphics. Fps and heavy graphics can slow down the game, especially when it’s going to broadcast on a huge platform.
  • If you need to give some space to the game, then you should keep all the other work lightly and provide vertical sync to the game or can also set the limit of FPS.
  • A limited fps means a proper working of this game on the OBS network. A heavy load on the game can lead to delay in various inputs, and players will not like it.
  • If you want to set the limit of the fps, then you need to start the League game, and there you have to open the options menu. Then you have to go to the video and need to scroll down to set the limit of the game.
  • As per the graphics and fps limits, it should be set up to the limit of 60 to 120. If you have a high monitoring power, then you can set it to 144. 
  • At last, you need to keep the game open and press alt-tab to back out form fps. It will help you to stream this game with OBS and make you feel more comfortable while playing this game.
  • When you want to perform various steps for making a difference in the game, then its significant to take some guidance first.

Wrap It Up

All the points mentioned above are the best to infirm you or to give a piece of perfect knowledge to you about how to stream league of legends with OBS. You should consider the tips mentioned above before streaming this game.

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