How to stream League of Legends?

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Streaming is a process in which various games are played on multiple platforms, and one of the most important platforms is twitch. It helps the games and the players to get some name and fame if they love to play live. It is a strategy based game that has two teams with five champions in each team. This game provides a sum of 140 champions, which allows them to choose their best five out of them.

Most of the players want to know how to stream this game. There are so many ways in which you can easily stream this game. This game has so many fans that it has made so crazy for it, and players are mad to play this game. Streaming is not as smooth as you think, but if you know all the necessary steps, then it can become an easy process. You can easily stream this game with OBS that is Open Broadcast Software.

stream League of Legends

If you want to know the crucial steps which can help you to get knowledge about how to stream, then you should consider this article. It will help you to have that knowledge and also about many other aspects.

Tips on streaming

  • If you want to stream this game, then you need to have light-weighted factors such as FPS and graphics.
  • It is easy to stream this game as it is a light-weighted, but you need to keep it bright only after adding some other factors of this game.
  • Fps and heavy graphics can lead to the slow running of the game and also makes it remain heavy with various loads. You should take proper care of this game while broadcasting it on a reputed platform.
  • If you want that your game should be played well, then you need to keep some separate space on your computer. It will help to have a safe and secure playing of the game.
  • If you want to set the limit of the FPS in the game, then you need to open the options menu in the game. Then you have to go to the video and scroll down to set the limit.
  • If your computer has a low monitoring power, then you should set the limit up to 60 to 120, but if the power is high, then you can make it to 144.
  • At last, you need to keep the game open and type alt-tab if you want to back out. It will help you stream this game and makes you play it with proper comfortability.

Wrap It up

All the points mentioned above are the best to guide you about how to stream League of Legends. It will help you to have a proper setting of your game with proper streaming. It seems to be hard, but if you learn the various tips, then it becomes easy for you to do so. You should understand the importance of streaming for the availability of the game to various people.

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