How to Stream on Twitch from PS4?

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There are various devices and consoles available that can be used for streaming on twitch. It can help the players to have some different experiences as compared to regular streaming. Most of the twitch users may live-streaming their gameplay and sometimes Ustream their services of videos. Users usually share their gameplay by pressing on the share button available in-game and select the broadcast gameplay. People can link their PS4 with the twitch account or Ustream their accounts and share the video instantly.

Twitch users can also opt for the PlayStation Eye along with the Ustream feature. It will help you to get an option whether to enable the feature or disable it. There are various options available in the menu bar which provides to activate or mute the mic on PS4. It helps the users to make any commentary, mute the game in between, send links automatically on Facebook or twitter, make comments visible, etc. You should know about how to stream on twitch from PS4.

Stream on Twitch from PS4

Streaming via PS4 can help you have a new experience of the twitch live games, and you can enhance your further knowledge about streaming via various consoles.

Steps to Stream via PS4

  • The first step you need to do is to start a game that you want to stream via PS4. It will help you to have a game of your choice to have a unique experience.
  • After that, you have to opt for the share button as it will help you to share your game on PS4 for streaming through it.
  • Then you have to select the Broadcast Gameplay, which will help you to broadcast your game on the console and makes it visible to other users.
  • Next, you have to opt for that service which you want to use like Twitch.TV or Ustream. These are the two services winch can help you to broadcast your gameplay via PS4.
  • Then you have to prefer to link your Twitch.TV or Ustream profile to the PS4 for the further workings of it. It can only be done on their respected website, so try to visit and perform this task.
  • After that, you have to opt for giving a title to your broadcast or set streaming options for the gameplay to go live via PS4.
  • Finally, click on the option i.e., “Start Broadcast,” as it will allow you to stream your gameplay through PS4 on the twitch platform.
  • When the streaming is done, then the comments will be visible on your PS4 screen with the help of a narrow scroll display.  The streaming session will end after clicking on the share button.

Wrap It Up

You can get a huge help form the above steps as it will help you to know how to stream on twitch from PS4. It can help you learn all the necessary or basic steps that make you learn about your query. For every user, it’s crucial to pay attention to those aspects which are related to their life and games.

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