How To Stream On Twitch PC?

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When it comes to stream on Twitch, most of the gamers are stuck on the method. There are plenty of ways to stream and get high-end video quality with other features to customize. You can play a game on stream and be the part of it using a chroma cut tools or in a frame. There are several possibilities, but for the first time, it is a tiring job.

stream games on twitch

There are so many technical things to look after so that you can install the broadcaster, OBS, and lot more factors. You also have to design an overlay and other frame outs for the stream screen. If you are wondering how to do it, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps and get started with the usability –

Create Account  – The whole process begins by getting the stream key for Twitch TV. By having the key, you are able to host your own show instead of just uploading the gameplay in real-time. Start by creating the account, which is possible for free, and you can create an account now without any problem.

Broadcasting App – Once you are done creating the account, you need to download the broadcasting app. It will take less than a couple of minutes due to the small size and make sure that you provide permission to capture the screen. Once you are done downloading the app, set it up, and log in with your account.

OBS Game Capture Mode – OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software, and it is a popular choice because it is open source and available for free. It offers video recording and streaming options using the same. It will help you record the screencast and get all the crucial advantages that you are looking for so far. Begin by downloading this tool and firing it. Make sure that you install all the elements and provide permission. It can cast a screen and source at the same time. So, this is what your viewers are going to watch. Set it up by opening then heading to broadcast and then choosing game capture.

Game Capture Source – Once you are done with the previous setup, then you need to be selective so that you can capture the source. Choose all the locations and set volume, resolution, and other factors. Once you are done setting all the modes and learning about the method it works, everything is done, that’s why you can consider it as a reliable method of choice.



Make sure that you choose modes and then check from a different device. Use the stream key to get access to a proper stream. You can add audio from a different source and then enjoy your gameplay. During the early days, it is hard to gain followers, but if you really have skills, then you won’t be going wrong. Make sure that you must have a powerful process to get rid of all the problems related to lag or freeze.

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