How to stream snipe in PUBG?

As you all know, sniping is an essential part of PUBG, which most people like to do. For this, a lot of guns are available inside the PUBG, such as AWM, Car 98, and many More. Similarly, stream sniping is also a type of sniping with the help of you can quickly kill the opposite player by knowing the location. One thing kept in mind that the Opposite player you want to kill is streaming online at that time. While sniping player needs lots of things such as scope to do the sniping because with the help of this you can easily see the player playing far away and sniping on it.

stream snipe in PUBG

Sniping is one of the toughest of the game, which is impossible to do. In other words, it can be said that most players have dreams of sniping in which they can be successful at times. With a few sniping tricks, you can easily make it possible for which player kill in one shot. Always keep sniper suppressor with you while sniping and use at least 6X scopes. It will make it difficult for the player to know your location, and you will be able to give him a headshot easily.

Steps for stream Sniping

  • Need two devices- As you all know, in-stream snipping, you target the player by knowing their location. To see the location, you have first to know the stream of the opposite player and also play the game for which you will need two devices. With the help of two devices, you will be able to keep your game continuity, and simultaneously you can find the location by looking at the stream of the player you want to kill. One thing must be kept in mind that your net connection should be stable for this because if the player has changed the location and you have targeted, then your location will be notified, and chances of losing will increase.
  • Go on location- As you enter the game zone, try to collect all the items first, such as sniper weapon bandage ammo sniper suppressor and many more. As soon as all these are collected, you can go to the location of the opposite player. By looking in the stream and always choose a place from which he cannot easily see you. After finding a place, check the activity of the opposite player by applying a scope. To check whether the player is doing the same in the game as they are doing in the stream. If both have the same activity, then you start snipping. In this way, you can do stream sniping and become a pro player.


You can consider the points mentioned above if you want to stream snipe in PUBG. While snipping the stream, you should take care of some essential things so that you can make it better. You need some things during stream snipping so that you can help yourself and the players of the game.

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