How to surf in CS:GO?

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Numerous intense levels are added into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which makes it quite an impressive eSports. The perfect blend of unique gameplay, great design and much more things are making it quite a quirky game, and you can find so many things added into this game. If you are trying hard to progress, then you might tackle one intense level called surfing.

surf in csgo

No doubt that surfing in an FPS game is a lot more typical than what it looks like and if you want to progress at a faster rate, then you need to follow a couple of basic tips. The below mentioned are all the important tips that you can take into consideration. Let’s have a look at some of the important ones for a perfect surfing experience.

How to Activate?

There are virtual maps in this game which are easy to make, and it can be done by anyone. Anyone who has skills mainly can look after creating surfing gameplay. It is something new and a lot more interesting. To begin creating or activating it, you must follow –
• Start by opening CS:GO game and then you need to choose modes.
• Among all of them, you can opt for the “Play” option.
• Now you need to find out the game, and you can choose offline with bots.
• You can find the workshop option here, and it is in the upper menu.
• As you hit it, you can see “view workshop buttons” option.
• Now the window will open and here you have to search surf option.
• There will be many maps to choose from, and you can go with any of them.
• You can sort out the best one by popularity and try out such options.
• Hit escape button to get out this mode and now the latest model you added.
Everything is done, and you can choose the latest model to play the intense
gameplay of surfing. All the controls are same, but it might be slightly typical to play so you should practice a little to get better at the same.

How to Add a map into the favorite list?

To add any of the maps to favorite list, you can hit the subscribe “+” button. It will be easy to find from the very next time, and you don’t need to download the same map again and again. Once you are going after the new mode, you need to enhance the overall progression here.If you can’t find what’s more to do, then you can try out the different modes which are easy. Surfing and shooting take a little time, but once you get to know about the game, you will be progressing at a faster rate, and it is a fun way to enjoy CS:GO.


You can keep trying some of the intense maps and keep on getting better with time. It will be a fun way to master this game and keep on progressing. We hope that these tips will come in handy to progress at a faster rate and entertain.

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