How to Tame a Fox Minecraft?

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You might know that Minecraft is based on different creatures and mobs that help the players have some different experiences in the game. Every animal present in the game has its unique features and importance, making them essential for some specific elements. Fox has its importance, which makes it preferable by the players to tame it to use them for some specific purposes.

For taming various animals, some specific items are needed; likewise, before using an armor, you need to know how to dye armor in Minecraft. It can help you have a colorful item or attract different animals and be used for other reasons. Taming a fox requires food as the base as it helps to attract the fox and helps you win their trust. If a fox loves the food you will provide, you can easily move to the taming step.
Tame a Fox Minecraft

Grabbing information about the fox taming process, you need to be attentive to understand the details very well without facing any difficulty. You can consider the below points as it will help you to know the process well without any hardship.

Fox Taming Tutorial

  • When you opt for taming a fox, make sure that you will create a brand new fox, which means you have to find the fox to attract it. You have to feed it with sweet berries as fox love to eat berries for convincing a fox. Ensure that you will provide a single berry to each fox to trust you and get under your control. Once you get success in winning their trust, then you can easily move to your next step.
  • After feeding the foxes, you have to wait or sometimes as it will help you see the red hearts floating over their heads, which will help you know that they love the food. Once the fox gets tame, it will try to follow its group, and to make it stay with you; you have to use a lead. It will help you keep fox with you out of flora fauna and keep it stay with you.
  • When you get success in taming the fox, you can opt for mating them as it will help you get a baby fox, and its color will depend upon its parent’s color. Once you learned everything about the process, try to understand the importance of grabbing information about other games. If you learn how to reserve your WoW Classic name, it will help you have a specific name. You can experience a same identity in the game with a reserved name.


It is better to understand the importance of grabbing major details about all the essential elements of all those games you love to play. That’s why the links mentioned above will help you to increase your current knowledge by knowing about two different games within one content. Try to be patient while considering the above points as it will be a beneficial thing for you in understanding the concept well.

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