How to Tame a Panda in Minecraft?

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Panda is one of the mob creatures in Minecraft, which is there to join the game’s wonderful block world. It helps the players have some relaxation in completing a few of their quests and other tasks. These creatures can be found roaming here and there in the jungles and love to live there. Pandas are the best animals that can climb on the trees and get their food. But sometimes there is a need to tame pandas so that they can become friends with players who can help them in their tasks. It is a must to know what pandas like to eat and when to eat so that players don’t face any problem dealing with them.

Most of the players might be wondering how to mate such creatures in the game as it is a new task for them. The more players will get to know about pandas, the more it will make them grab that information, which can help them to take pandas. Some of the players don’t know much about pandas due to which they face problems in taming them. Taming is an easy process, but it can take you much time to tame pandas because they are lazy creatures and can ignore you when you try to tame them. If you think that you will face huge problems in the taming process, then don’t take tension here is a solution for you.

Tame a Panda in Minecraft

You can consider the below information; it will help you enhance your knowledge about tame a Panda in the game.

Panda Taming Process

  • Panda is one of the laziest creatures as compared to other animals. Usually, pandas don’t pay attention to various aspects, what is going on in their surroundings, and all that stuff. If you opt for taming pandas, then you should first make them become good friends with you and listens to you. If you get success in making pandas your good friends, then it will help you to have some help. But making them friends can be risky because if they don’t want to be your friend, you have to work hard and deal politely with them.
  • For taming pandas, you are required to mate them, and in mating process heart special feelings are a must. It can make them feel love towards each other, and male panda can express his love for female panda while mating. You need to keep feeding pandas with bamboos, and when you see the red hearts over their heads, you have to push them together. Once two pandas come in contact with each other, you will see how they mate and love each other.
  • Ensure that when you push the pandas together, you have to throw bamboo from your hands as it can distract the pandas and make it harder for you to tame them. For making them mate, you have to remove all the things present in their surroundings so that they can easily mate without getting distracted from any attention seeker item. Once you get success in mating them, then understand that you are done with your taming process of pandas.


After mating the pandas and considering the above information, you can learn how to tame them in Minecraft. It will help you to have a successful taming of pandas with proper knowledge and understanding. Once you understand the entire concept properly, it will be easy for you to tame other animals.

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