How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft?

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Parrots are one of those flying creatures present in Minecraft and can sit on the shoulders of the players. Taming parrots is a little bit harder than other animals and birds, but if you try to tame them with proper dedication, you can do it. Once you get to know how to tame a parrot, you will do this very easily and without any hardship. Some players are not much aware of taming and mating of parrots, which makes them face problems. The more you will pay attention to know the aspect, the more you will grab advantages.

Most of the players are connected to Minecraft because they get those experiences, which makes them feel so excited and happy. Ensure that before taming parrots, you should know what they like to eat and at what time. If you take care of all of their feeds and breeds, it will help you in the taming process. Once you get the information about the feeding and mating, then you can easily tame parrots. There are different types of parrots in this game, but the taming process of all the types is the same, so that you can tame any parrot.

Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

For more details, you can consider the below information and make better choices for taming and mating.

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  • For taming parrots, you need to take care of their feed that what they like to eat. There are different items that parrots can eat, such as pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, wheat seeds, and beetroot seeds. All these items that parrots love to it can help you to have one-third chances of getting success in becoming friends with them. Once you get success in taming parrots, then it makes them sit and stand on your one action. It shows that it can help you to control the whole parrot with all your actions.
  • A tamed parrot follows the players once they are asked to follow them and sit when asked to sit. It makes parrots fully under your control and can help you to take advantage of them. Once you take the parrots, then you can ask them to do anything to complete your quests. After you become friends with parrots, then you have to mate them. There is much far distance between a player and a parrot, so try to make them happy with red hearts over their heads so that they can mate.
  • For making parrots mate, they should have some feelings and for which they have to remain happy and loved. For mating, heart feelings play a significant role, and if parrots will not have that, they will not mate and won’t allow you to get success in your mission. The teleportation of parrots is different and silent, and they don’t have babies, so they can’t breed. Some other animals can’t breed, such as polar bears, skeleton horses, trader llamas, and mules.

Wrap It Up

By paying attention to all the above information, you can learn how to tame a parrot in Minecraft. It will also allow you to know that parrots are silent creatures and can’t breed. Try to pay attention to all their moves so that you can understand them well and tame them easily and happily.

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