How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft?

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Polar Bear is a mob creature in Minecraft who loves to live in cold areas and tends to die when they come to hot areas. These animals are only present in the game to help the players to have some help in completing their quests. It is a game that includes so many hostile mobs, long-distance walks, icy waters, and many more. Polar Bear is a creature that players can use to defeat their enemies if they become friends with them. This animal can be used to kill other mobs or attack them.

Once players get to know how to tame this mob creature, they can easily take advantage of it and use it against their enemies. Polar bears can be ridden and can be used for various purposes, but players need to know all the necessary aspects and other related information. Once you know how to deal with this creature, you can easily tame it and mate it. If you want this creature to listen to you, you have to tame it; otherwise, you can’t control it.

Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft

If you are interested in knowing how to tame polar bears, you can pay attention to the information mentioned below.

Polar Bear Taming Process

  • Find Polar Bears – For taming polar bears in the game, you first need to find them so that you can feed them and become friends with them and then tame them. Finding Polar Bears is a must because you can’t tame them without finding them and move to the next step. You can find them in the Snowy Tundra, Ice Spikes Tundra, and Snowy Mountains.
  • Feed Polar Bears – Once you are done with finding polar bears, you have to feed them, and for that, you have to carry a fish you will use to feed them. You need to approach the Bear by having the fish in your hand so that Bear will not harm you and eat fish from your hand. If Bear gets happy after eating the fish, you will see red hearts floating over their heads. It shows that polar bears are so glad to have food from you, and now you can become friends with it.
  • Tame the Polar Bear-For taming the polar Bear, there are different ways for different platforms; there are different ways to tame it. You might know that there are different versions of the game as per the game controls and platforms.
  • For Xbox One – Feed Fish with LT
  • For PS4 – Feed Fish with L2
  • For PC – Feed Fish instead of using LT, you have to Click right on the animal.
  • For Nintendo Switch – Feed Fish with ZL

Final Verdict

All the above points will help you know how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft and deal with them. It will also help you to know how you can feed polar bears on different devices and platforms. If you focus on all the feeding types, you can easily deal with polar bear feeding on different devices.

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