How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft?

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A wolf is a dog-like creature in Minecraft which is present to provide those experiences which a player can’t take in their real world. It is that animal which mainly non-vegetarian and makes players remain fearful of moving close to it. But if players will be relaxed and then opt to move close to it, they can become friends. The more you will know about the wolf, the more it will help you remain safe. If you directly go in front of it, then it can harm you and jump on you.

Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

Usually, the wolf loves to eat bone, and if you carry a bone along with you while taming it, it will help you remain safe from it. All the players need to learn about all the wolf’s feeds and then opt to move to them. Otherwise, it can harm the players and make them lead to death. Remember that whenever you go to a wolf, then never get panic and stay focused to provide it with a piece of bone. It can help you keep the wolf under your control and help you stay safe from its teeth, nails and scary face.

Steps to Tame a Wolf

  • Find a Wolf – The first step you need to follow is finding a wolf so that you will tame it, and if you do not find it, you can’t tame it. If you do not find the wolf, then you can opt to summon a wolf by using a cheat or also opt for a spawn egg. Once you find the wolf, then move to your next step,
  • Use the Bone – After finding the wolf, you have to use the bone to make him greedy and move to you to get the bone and become friends with you. It will help you to move close to your taming process of the wolf and also provides you more and more advantages. Make sure that the bone is one of the most selected items in your Hotbar. You have to use the bone as per the game control, and for different versions of the game, there are different game controls.
  • Tame the Wolf – After feeding the wolf with the bone after some time, you will see the red hearts floating over the wolf’s head. It will help you see that wolf will start behaving like a dog and feel comfortable and relaxed. Once you see the red hearts over the wolf’s head, then understand that you have successfully tamed the wolf and completed your quest.


With all the above information, you can see how to tame a wolf in Minecraft. It will allow you to tame the wolf with proper safety by keeping a bone in your hand and then move close to the wolf. The more you will pay attention, the more you will remain safe from the animal and try to act politely so that the wolf doesn’t get angry.

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