How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, multiple animals and items are available, which players need to know about and should also have knowledge of what to feed the animals. There are various quests present in the game which players need to complete; otherwise, they will not get a chance to move to the next levels. Having knowledge is much better than having no information about the fact. Most of the players tend to grab information about the concept, but still, they can’t grab it due to a lack of knowledge.

When a person gets connected to Minecraft, their main aim is to know about all the necessary elements of the game. It can help them to deal with various situations which they can’t get deal without having the proper knowledge. Taming foxes in Minecraft means making them love you and become good friends with you. It can help you to feed the foxes and allows you to tame them and complete your quests. It would be great for you if you find the foxes first and then opt for taming them; it will make you understand the taming process.

Tame Foxes in Minecraft

For more details about the taming process, you need to pay attention to the following information it will help you know how to tame foxes and knowledge about other aspects.

Fox Taming Tutorial

  • For taming a fox in Minecraft, you need to first make a brand new fox as in this game you have to create every animal and items on your own. Then you have to convince the foxes to eat something so that they can help you out with the taming process. You need to take care of the food which you will feed to the foxes and foxes in the game eat sweet berries.
  • Ensure that you are feeding one sweet berry to each fox, not more than that if you do so, they will get angry with you. The fox, which will freshly be hatched by you, will always stay loyal to you and help you in performing your various tasks. But the main problem is that the fox will try to follow the other foxes, which can make a face some problems. You can stop the fox from following other foxes by attaching a lead to it and make them walk along with you.
  • Try to take proper care of the fox so that you can easily tame them. You have to feed one berry to each fox and wait till the time red hearts float around their heads. You can choose any one fox out of red or white for mating them or else choose the same colored foxes. If you choose white and red and there are chances to get the baby of mixed color.

Final Verdict

After finding the right fox for your taming process, you need to wait until it gets impressed by you and help you get tamed. Try to mate those foxes that are different in color as it will help you get you a baby with mixed colors with mixed features. When you see red hearts float over their heads, then understand the taming process is completed.

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