How to Train your Direhorn in WoW?

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In WoW, there are multiple characters present, which allows the players to have new experiences as different characters provide different experiences to the players. One of those characters in the game is Direhorn, which the players handle because it is a character that needs to be trained properly. Players take advantage of this character as it helps them to defeat their enemies. For training this character, players need to talk to a person who helps to train multiple characters.

Train your Direhorn in WoW

All players have an equal right to know about all the necessary aspects of the game because they are all equal to the developers. When a player opts for WoW, then they need to be careful about all the aspects of the game because this game includes a wide range of characters and versions. Every series of this game have new features, out of which some are confusing to proper understanding is a must. There are some players who don’t know much about the game and also about their characters.

But you don’t need to take tension because here is a solution for you that you can know by considering the below information. It will allow you to get rid of your query and learn about the training concept of Direhorn.

Steps of Training

  • For training Direhorn in WoW, you first need to talk to the Kraal Master, i.e., B’khor, as he will help you know how you can train the character. You need to talk to him on an urgent basis if you want to train the Direhorn and make him follow your orders.
  • After talking to the training master, you need to meet Pinky; she will help you know about the concept well. You will meet Pinky is one of the buildings present in the game.
  • Then you have to move out of that area from the North gate as it is a safe gate where you will not face any difficulty while getting out of there. Safety is a must because if you remain safe, only you can help Direhorn to get properly trained.
  • After getting out of there, you need to run for help so that you can make your character get trained and help you with your future fights.
  • If you don’t get that much help in training your character, you need to run for more help to get someone more intelligent who can help you out.
  • Finally, after not getting entire help in training Direhorn, you have to return to the training master so that he can help you out with your problem.


By considering the above points, you can understand that how you can train your Direhorn character in WoW. It will; also help you out to know about various other new characters who can help you out in making Direhorn trained. Always be careful while getting help from other fro training concept because training master is the only main leading character who can help you to get out of your query.  

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