How to Uncap FPS in Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends is mainly get played on PC, and for PC players, it’s restricted to play this game on high fps. It can cause various problems for the PC as well as for the game, so players should try to play it on low fps. Whether the fps have a cap or not doesn’t matter, but players should prefer to play on low fps. In the current scenario for PC player, the maximum fps is up to 144 if the PC is high powered otherwise, its 60 to 120 fps.

The player can remove the cap of the fps in various ways, which the need to understand. If the players know those ways, then it’s well and good, but if they don’t know, then they should pay proper attention to the below information. Here you will able to get knowledge about various ways that can help you to get rid of your query fast. Each player needs to know about new updates of the game so that they can deal with every problem.

Uncap FPS in Apex Legends

You can now consider the below information so that you can enhance your knowledge about how to uncap fps in Apex Legends.

Method 1:

Add Command line in the Origin Launcher.

If you want to uncap the fps in Apex Legends, you can do it by adding the command line to one of the launch options in the Origin Launcher. The thing is that how to add that option in the Apex Legends or the Origin. You have to pay attention to the below points before starting the game to add the command line.

  • First, open the origin launcher of the game.
  • Then visit the Game Library.
  • Next, you have to find the Apex Legends and then click right on it.
  • Then select the properties of the game.
  • After that press on the Advanced Launch Options button
  • Then in the Command Line Argument, you have to write +fps_max unlimited.
  • After typing it, you have to click on the save button, and it’s done.

Method 2:

By Enabling V-Sync

The game does not recommend it as it provides more input lag, which can lead to huge confusion. But for uncapping of fps, you have to use this option, not for the V-Sync but the fps. Focus on the below points to enable V-Sync.

  • First, open the Apex Legends
  • Then open the menu of the game
  • Then you have to click on the settings button
  • After that, you have to select a video
  • Then in V-Sync choose Adaptive or Adaptive (1/2 Rate)
  • Then click on Apply


With the help of the above points, you can understand how to uncap fps in Apex Legends. It will also help you learn about new aspects of the game, how to add command line, and how to enable V-Sync. You need to pay proper attention to the information as the aspects are new to you, and you must understand them well.

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